About us

Darlington for Culture and Darlington Hippodrome have launched an exciting new venture to support and promote arts and culture in the town.


‘Without the Darlington Culture Volunteers we would be unable to put on such a massive event for the town. They have become a massive support to the smooth running of the festival.'

Grace Wakes, Marketing Co-ordinator, Oxjam Darlo

A performer pushing her bike exhibition

Who are we?

Founded in February 2017 Darlington Culture Volunteers (DCV) support and promote arts and culture in and around the town. Darlington Culture Volunteer Service is run by a collaboration of Darlington for Culture and Darlington Hippodrome set up for the sole purpose of delivering the volunteer service.

What do we do?

The vision of the Volunteer Service is to be a hub for cultural volunteering in and around Darlington and our mission is to build a community of people who through volunteering have a vested interest in the future of the arts in Darlington. Most of our work is supporting the public at Arts, Music and Culture events encouraging them to join in the activities, keeping them informed and recording their views on the events. We have great fun learning new skills ourselves and getting to know more about the ‘behind the scenes’ activities both in the Hippodrome and at many other interesting and varied venues. Our volunteers vary from people who have a little or a lot of time to give, volunteers who are looking for a regular commitment or those looking to help out ‘as and when'.

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