Darlington for Culture

Darlington for Culture (DfC) was set up late in 2010 to help protect and promote arts and culture in the town. It was established as a co-operative in spring 2011 and members include representatives of arts and community groups.


DfC is an enabling and co-operative organisation with a mission to create the conditions where arts, craft and culture can flourish for the benefit of everyone in Darlington, the wider region and beyond.


To support artists, cultural organisations and creative businesses to develop and grow.

To release the creative potential of local people.

To provide opportunities for all local people to engage in quality arts, craft and culture.

To create links within, and a voice for, the cultural community in and beyond Darlington.

Key activities

Volunteer service – DCV volunteers provide support for cultural activities across Darlington.

Small Grants Scheme to support the development and sustainability of arts and culture in the town.


Via a database of more than 800 supporters DfC is able to engage with a range of culture lovers, artists, arts organisations and creative businesses across the local area. As the only community organisation represented on the Creative Darlington Board our representative role is very important.

Promotion and marketing

DfC send out weekly emails, containing all of the latest local cultural information and news to more than 800 local people. We also promote local events, artists and cultural organisations via our website (which has had more than 36,000 hits), Facebook (with more than 980 likes), Twitter (with more than 4000 followers) and via our information stall (which we take to a number of local events).

Darlington Arts Festival

DfC co-ordinates the annual Darlington Arts Festival in the month of May.

For more information...

...visit www.darlingtonforculture.org